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April 13th Charity Event

We believe in the power of giving back. The recent MWR Foundation Charity Event was not just an opportunity to raise funds, but also a celebration of our community coming together for a noble cause.

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our raffle, who not only supported the event but also demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

BasketWinner Ticket NumberName
130135Erica Swagel
230336Jennifer Wichman
331298Mike Mischler
430010Ann Gerhartz
530325Mike Massick
731321Zach and Angie Miller
830369Kari White
1030114Betsy Hesse
1130160Bryan Fox
1230107Laurie Goffard
1331355Tiffany Rode
1430360Allie Bellow
1531478Liz Whitty
1730326Mike Massick
2030112Betsy Hesse
2130150Rob Greely
2230311Kara Tepolt
2331368Dick Merback
2430085Robert and Tina Olson
2531295Amy Dalberg
2631291Bryton Seefeldt
2731300Kristy Piechucki
2830324Bridgett Holtz
2931315Ryan Lambert
3030089Laina Lammers
3131330jane Freeders
3230330Angela Slinger
3330313Jeff Montgomery
3430002Cory Hupt
3531492Jacob Nett
3630354Don Marx
3730093Ryan Lambert
3830010Ann Gerhartz
3931494Jennifer Nolon
4030361Kari White
4130034Bridgett Holtz
4230159Lauren Evers
4330355Justin Wierschke
4430115Kris Forster
4531306Jessie Schultz-Gauger
4630114Betsy Hesse
4730044Grant DeCleene
4830161Bryan Fox
4930091Ryan Lambert
5030150Rob Greely
5130139Becky Steger
5231288Jen Deefeldt
5330022Eileen Van Camp
5431476Jessie Schultz-Gauger
5530021Casey Schubert
5630121Heather Seidel
5730141Becky Steger
5830125Dalton Van Wyk
5930149Rob Greely
6030057Sue Ahrens
6230161Bryan Fox
6330028Amber Steger
6431304Don Schmitz
6530146Dawn Melcher
6730052Todd and Rachel Miller
7030052Todd and Rachel Miller
7130368Kari White
7230107Laurie Goffard
7330114Betsy Hesse
7430351David Witt
7530036Alex Kuffel
7630067Carmen Johnson
7730367Kari White
7831293Rebecca Kohl
7930142Lee Henrickson
8030073Paula Van De Leygraaf
8230170Scott Sassman
8330357Justin Wierschke
8431345Steve Boettcher
8530363Kari White
8730073Paula Van De Leygraaf
8830334Jennifer Wichman
9030094Mike and Heidi Mischler
9231365Arthur Wetterau
9331488Angie Kolosso
9431494Jennifer Nolon
9530039Andrew Van Thiel
9730066Carmen Johnson
10031500Stepanie Svanda
10130096Mike and Heidi Mischler
10230108Laurie Goffard
10330150Rob Greely
10430340Diana Schiermister
10530096Mike and Heidi Mischler
10630176Chrissi Lowery
10731324Dan Lesch
10830094Mike and Heidi Mischler
10930147Dawn Melcher
11031307Carol Radey
11130118Nicole Lach
11231310Ann Gerhartz
11331317Sonya Samuelson
11430096Mike and Heidi Mischler
11530158Lauren Evers
11630123Heather Seidel
11730134Erica Swagel
11830355Justin Wierschke
11930339Jen Deefeldt
12030178Jolene Van Thiel
12130178Jolene Van Thiel
12230318Angela Slinger
12331478Liz Whitty
12430163Tristen Bertrand
12530005Kathy Kraus
12630354Don Marx
12730367Kari White
12830129Connie Nechodom
12930115Kris Forster