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MWR Foundation logo

Community Support in Wisconsin

Supporting Our Local Community

Non-Profit Organization Helping the Local Community

Supporting Communities in Need Is Our Mission

MWR Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing the funding we distribute throughout local communities in Wisconsin. Our community support goes to any organization, individual, or family in need. We have a caring team striving to provide help, along with overall emotional support, financial help, community engagement, and confidence building to those allowing us to join them on their journeys. Recipients get beneficial service throughout local communities through our fundraising events to increase community development. Contributors get assurance their donations go to a worthy cause since we are a non-profit organization.

Our Mission

The Mission of the MWR Foundation is to support a vibrant and healthy community by providing assistance to organizations, individuals and the environment where we live and work.

We are committed to providing support in five key areas:
Health and wellness
Emergency response
Community development

Board Members
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Our Mission as a Non-Profit Organization

We created MWR Foundation to help those in need in an effort to restore their confidence and achieve a sense of normality so that they can focus on their journeys ahead. Local communities get comprehensive support, including financial help and essential services to build their confidence and a stronger emotional foundation. Every person can use a helping hand at some point in their life. We are proud to be a resource to individuals in the community who need caring support and assistance.

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About MWR Foundation’s History

MWR Foundation’s founder and President Coyne S. Borree is extremely ambitious about helping others in need. He started volunteering for the Red Cross in 2016 as a Disaster Responder for local families and individuals struck by tragedies. Coyne started leveraging Midwest Restoration, his property damage restoration company, in 2017 to partner with other non-profit organizations and help them with fundraising. Within three years, Coyne raised over $250,000 while running Midwest Restoration’s daily operations. It made sense to start our current foundation after seeing the needs of local individuals, families, and organizations and combining them with Coyne’s passion for helping others. Our foundation serves local communities with a more organized and dedicated service. We formed our team of directors through community members committed to our mission and who care about the community where we live. This board was formed through business and personal relationships we’ve built through various avenues.